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White Rhino Marijuana Seeds

White Rhino

White Rhino marijuana is a strong F1 hybrid of White Widow and an interestingly powerful indica strain from Canada. This variety is used for a lot of medicinal purposes because of its high THC content. White Rhino tastes a bit harsh and hashy at the same time. The shape of the top portion of this plant is shaped like the horn of rhinoceros and that is where it got its name. White Rhino can be cultivated in any kind of medium and environment.

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White Widow Marijuana Seeds

White Widow

In the mid-1990s, a cannabis legend was born. Almost overnight, White Widow appeared on the menu of just about every coffeeshop in the Netherlands. This marijuana masterpiece went on to become a yardstick against which all other "white" marijuana strains are held up. Marijuana seeds of the White Widow strain grow into tall plants with delicate arms. Her buds are moderately compact in order to contain the copious amounts of THC resin she produces.

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Snow White Marijuana Seeds

Snow White

Snow White is one more type of White marijuana variety. If you are searching for a different type of White Widow-like strain, this marijuana plant is a good option. This plant is primarily found in Holland and had been transported to BC. This plant features round, fat leaves. They have beautiful, equally sized buds and the plant can grow up to 200 cm. It has a smooth taste that a lot of smokers love. Snow White performs best in a sea of green hydro system.

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AK-48 Marijuana Seeds


AK-48 marijuana strains are very easy to grow and produces great yields in a short span of time. Under perfect care and condition, this strain may be ready in just about 48 days. Its popularity started in the mid-90's and has been an ideal strain for home and commercial use. It produces an extremely strong odor and smoke. The AK-48 plants bear hard buds with a unique aroma. The AK-48 variety is best grown indoors using a soil medium and organic fertilizers.

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Aurora Indica Marijuana Seeds

Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica Feminized marijuana is an Afghan cannabis crossed with Northern Lights cannabis. Aurora cannabis is a short plant but produces heavy colas more than making up for its shorter statue. This plant has exceptional resin production and the buds are dense. Aurora marijuana produces a deep, near black hash, aroma and a heavy indica buzz. This strain is probably our most potent indica. This strain has medicinal potential for treatinghyperactivity and insomnia.

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Jock Horror Marijuana Seeds

Jock Horror

Autoflowering Jock Horror feminized is a three-way marijuana hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze. Jock produces so much resin that even its branches glisten with THC glands. This marijuana variety has a unique fresh flavour and packs a strong "up" buzz. Our Jock seeds will finish flowering earlier than the original Jack of a few years ago. One of our all-time favourite cannabis seeds. This strain really smells up the garden, gaining two-thirds of its total height during flowering.

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Blackberry Marijuana Seeds


Blackberry Feminized is another strain that came from two of the best grade strains in the market. It came from Raspberry Cough and Black Domino. Buy Dutch Seeds has been famous for being the best producers of cannabis seeds around the world. The Blackberry Feminized is a dark sativa type of plant that also has a mix of a deep purple hue, unequaled by any other plant. This strain produces thick and heavy smoke and offers a hint of Asian Sativa flavor.

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California Orange Bud Marijuana Seeds

California Orange Bud

California Orange Bud cannabis is a strain with a great sweet orange smell and an extra sweet flavor. This well-known strain originally from California was introduced in Holland in the 1980's and developed perfectly for greenhouse and indoor growers. This is a strain that features a lot of power in both flavor and performance. Overall, the California Orange Bud is an easy and trouble-free type of cannabis, ideal for beginners and experts as well.

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Diesel Marijuana Seeds


A sensational and radical new cannabis mix, Diesel marijuana is an F1 hybrid of our popular Mixed Sativa marijuana and a specially stabilised Aurora Indica cannabis. The latter's heavy, greasy narcotic buzz beautifully takes the edge off the crispness and speedy effect of the former. Diesel's shockingly powerful terpenoids result in a weed with a lemony flavour and the diesel-like marijuana aroma that inspired its name.

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Hawaii Maui Wowie Marijuana Seeds

Hawaii Maui Wowie

Hawaii Maui Waui marijuana is a lanky tropical cannabis sativa, long a main attraction of the Hawaiian Islands. This strain has a citrus aroma and smooth fruity herbal flavour. The buzz from Hawaii Maui Waui marijuana is inspiring. These are old school genetics and not too overpowering like modern indoor cannabis strains tend to be. Through years of inbreeding we have captured that taste of the Valley Island. Maui Wowie has a citrusy aroma and smooth, fruity, tropical flavor.

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Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds

Hindu Kush

Initially named High-Rise, Hindu Kush is your standard indica variety. Large wide leaves intense green, that is nearly blue in color, and fingers that usually cover each other. Coffee shops immediately fell in love with this unique and cutting edge tetraploid. Due to the clients' demand, the Hindu Kush was introduced and sold in the market. It has been an established variety since that time.

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New York Power Diesel Marijuana Seeds

New York Power Diesel

New York Power Diesel is an exciting and comprehensive new marijuana breed. This strain is an F1 hybrid of our famous Sativa Mexicana marijuana and a stabilized type of Aurora Indica. The latter's strong, greasy buzz perfectly matches the speedy effects of the former variety. NYPD marijuana has a diesel-like scent and produces a lemony flavour. The plant grows tall stems with a surprisingly dense bud structure. The New York Power Diesel is definitely a must-try variety!

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Sterling Haze Marijuana Seeds

Sterling Haze

The Sterling Haze strain is a cross between Northern Light and the Haze variety. This was made to create a heavier set cannabis plant. This vintage F1 marijuana hybrid will still stretch out exceptional heights, with tightly packed Northern Light like buds on its stems. The leaves of its buds have a striking lime green hue. Just like any other Haze hybrid, this type of marijuana needs attention and patience to grow.

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Super Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Super Skunk

Super Skunk marijuana is a successful attempt to beef up the famous Skunk #1 cannabis. This strain is one of the first to match the potency of the powerful import hashish in coffee shops. Still famous for its potent flavour and strong high. Much easier to grow and manicure than the "white" strains cannabis. Yields can be very financially interesting. Also works well in greenhouse or shed operations.

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