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Feminized White Rhino Marijuana Seeds

White Rhino (feminized)

White Rhino marijuana is a strong F1 hybrid of White Widow and an interestingly powerful indica strain from Canada. This variety is used for a lot of medicinal purposes because of its high THC content. White Rhino tastes a bit harsh and hashy at the same time. The shape of the top portion of this plant is shaped like the horn of rhinoceros and that is where it got its name. White Rhino can be cultivated in any kind of medium and environment.

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Feminized White Widow Marijuana Seeds

White Widow (feminized)

In the mid-1990s, a cannabis legend was born. Almost overnight, White Widow appeared on the menu of just about every coffeeshop in the Netherlands. This marijuana masterpiece went on to become a yardstick against which all other "white" marijuana strains are held up. Marijuana seeds of the White Widow strain grow into tall plants with delicate arms. Her buds are moderately compact in order to contain the copious amounts of THC resin she produces.

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Feminized Snow White Marijuana Seeds

Snow White (feminized)

Snow White is one more type of White marijuana variety. If you are searching for a different type of White Widow-like strain, this marijuana plant is a good option. This plant is primarily found in Holland and had been transported to BC. This plant features round, fat leaves. They have beautiful, equally sized buds and the plant can grow up to 200 cm. It has a smooth taste that a lot of smokers love. Snow White performs best in a sea of green hydro system.

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Feminized AK-48 Marijuana Seeds

AK-48 (feminized)

AK-48 marijuana strains are very easy to grow and produces great yields in a short span of time. Under perfect care and condition, this strain may be ready in just about 48 days. Its popularity started in the mid-90's and has been an ideal strain for home and commercial use. It produces an extremely strong odor and smoke. The AK-48 plants bear hard buds with a unique aroma. The AK-48 variety is best grown indoors using a soil medium and organic fertilizers.

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Feminized Aurora Indica Marijuana Seeds

Aurora Indica (feminized)

Aurora Indica Feminized marijuana is an Afghan cannabis crossed with Northern Lights cannabis. Aurora cannabis is a short plant but produces heavy colas more than making up for its shorter statue. This plant has exceptional resin production and the buds are dense. Aurora marijuana produces a deep, near black hash, aroma and a heavy indica buzz. This strain is probably our most potent indica. This strain has medicinal potential for treatinghyperactivity and insomnia.

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Feminized Black Jack Marijuana Seeds

Black Jack (feminized)

Black Jack is a distinct 50/50 indica/sativa hybridization between Black Domino and Jack Jock Horror. Her seeds feature the best traits of her parents resulting to a powerful strain with a pleasurable and strong aroma, similar to an incensed kind of Haze, as well as a heavy narcotic impact. Because of its influences from sativa and indica genotypes, this variety has become one of its kinds. Black Jack cannabis features long branches with a huge amount of ample resinous buds.

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Feminized Blackberry Marijuana Seeds

Blackberry (feminized)

Blackberry Feminized is another strain that came from two of the best grade strains in the market. It came from Raspberry Cough and Black Domino. Buy Dutch Seeds has been famous for being the best producers of cannabis seeds around the world. The Blackberry Feminized is a dark sativa type of plant that also has a mix of a deep purple hue, unequaled by any other plant. This strain produces thick and heavy smoke and offers a hint of Asian Sativa flavor.

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Feminized Hawaii Maui Wowie Marijuana Seeds

Hawaii Maui Wowie (feminized)

Hawaii Maui Waui marijuana is a lanky tropical cannabis sativa, long a main attraction of the Hawaiian Islands. This strain has a citrus aroma and smooth fruity herbal flavour. The buzz from Hawaii Maui Waui marijuana is inspiring. These are old school genetics and not too overpowering like modern indoor cannabis strains tend to be. Through years of inbreeding we have captured that taste of the Valley Island. Maui Wowie has a citrusy aroma and smooth, fruity, tropical flavor.

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Feminized Lowryder Marijuana Seeds

Lowryder (feminized)

Lowryder is a cross between our Early Special and Top 44 strains. The Lowryder strain has a one of a kind ability flower on it's own. Because of this unique trait, you will never have to maintain a rigid lighting schedule when growing the Lowryder. Lowryder is perfect for those who have limited space or people who do not want to follow a strict schedule with the seed growing process. Lowryder features amazing quality despite the fact that it is a low maintenance variety.

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Feminized Master Kush Marijuana Seeds

Master Kush (feminized)

Master Kush is a traditional, mainly Indica cannabis breed which gives a substantial yield. It can be grown in hydro systems, indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. In terms of potency and strength, Master Kush is a powerful variety. It grows to a medium height and grows lateral branches with compact, resinous buds. This type of the Master Kush marijuana plant originated from a number of classic Afghani Kush strains in apartment buildings in Amsterdam.

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Feminized New York Power Diesel Marijuana Seeds

New York Power Diesel (feminized)

New York Power Diesel is an exciting and comprehensive new marijuana breed. This strain is an F1 hybrid of our famous Sativa Mexicana marijuana and a stabilized type of Aurora Indica. The latter's strong, greasy buzz perfectly matches the speedy effects of the former variety. NYPD marijuana has a diesel-like scent and produces a lemony flavour. The plant grows tall stems with a surprisingly dense bud structure. The New York Power Diesel is definitely a must-try variety!

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Feminized Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights (feminized)

Northern Lights Feminized strain is the best variety for indoor growing. Almost all great indoor varieties available in the market today contain Northern Light genes. This wonderful marijuana plant boasts a high flower to leaf ratio, good resin production, great yields and compact buds as well. This strain is also known to growers who would rather cultivate a strain that does not smell bad. Northern Lights produces a full-bodied flavor that lasts long and has a stoned effect.

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Feminized Raspberry Cough Marijuana Seeds

Raspberry Cough (feminized)

With its well-defined, revitalizing and calm effects, Raspberry Cough Feminized is one of the most recommended medical cannabis varieties. Its genesis trace back to a Cambodian landrace, a strain that produces great amounts of THC levels, and another award winning strain called Ice. Raspberry Cough features overloaded red hairs and ability to give out blue colour in colder climate. Raspberry Cough's aroma and flavour features Asian spice but the Dutch marijuana taste is still strong.

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Feminized Sterling Haze Marijuana Seeds

Sterling Haze (feminized)

The Sterling Haze strain is a cross between Northern Light and the Haze variety. This was made to create a heavier set cannabis plant. This vintage F1 marijuana hybrid will still stretch out exceptional heights, with tightly packed Northern Light like buds on its stems. The leaves of its buds have a striking lime green hue. Just like any other Haze hybrid, this type of marijuana needs attention and patience to grow.

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Feminized Swazi Marijuana Seeds

Swazi (feminized)

Swazi is an authentic and good quality strain of Sativa originally from Swaziland. This cannabis is one of the most favored strains worldwide. This is because it is very unique in qualities. Swazi could grow up to 3 meters can produce up to 13 leave blades. Additionally, it features sticky and long buds. Ideal for non-heavy smokers, the Swazi marijuana has a distinctive flavour that is oftentimes compared to licorice.

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Feminized Wonder Woman Marijuana Seeds

Wonder Woman (feminized)

Wonder Woman feminized marijuana seeds is another one of those fabulous new high-volume marijuana plants. Fresh genetics make it possible for these marijuana seeds to yield over half a kilo of weed per square meter! Wonder Woman bears rock hard buds which are easy to trim. The smoke of this cannabis variety has a classic, rich, skunky flavor accompanied by a long-lasting buzz.

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